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What Has Love Got To Do With It

Published by admin on 26 Apr 2011

Love is a wonderful thing. In fact, it describes the highest of worldly emotions a human can experience. This means that no matter how better you life might become nothing will beat the feeling you had for that special girl or boy in high school. And guess what? Nothing can compare to the joy we experience from falling in love or being loved. No amount of money can buy you that or entertainment will take you to the higher level. Absolutely, nothing.

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Igor Korotkov Com

Published by admin on 21 Apr 2011

Let me congratulate you my first visitors who apparently found this personal blog by typing in part of my private email address into the toolbar. You are special! Only a limited number of people have been trusted with my own address for correspondence to avoid unnecessary messages and keep the conversation out of the public eyes of service providers. But there is no need to hide it anymore, so share away the address to this personal blog and check it out for yourself as you might find some interesting stuff in there.

It doesn’t stop to amaze me how much successful and wealthy people are willing share their life experiences with those who ask and seek their advice. I’ve met many of such people and read plenty of blogs and autobiographies of others. I wondered why they do it and not keep the information to themselves but soon I found the answer to the question myself. As you reach a certain level in your development you simply want to tell everyone about it. Tell them how you’ve done it and, more importantly, show them that everything is possible. An example, a proof, is exactly what I look for at the beginning of each of my life journeys.

Personally, I refuse to believe theories and want to hear and read stories from the people who already got where I am heading too. However, there is one thing that makes it difficult to put good advice into your own life. You see, even though their advice is often valuable they now went too far from regular folks they project it at. So, I though, since I have already walked many walks of life under the guidance of my mentors and am still in the process of achieving my life long goals, I will serve as a middle man between those on the top and those at the starting point to ease the transition and help along your own life journey.

Initially, I wanted to postpone the launch of my blog. But I feel there are already too much information that I gathered along the road which simply needs to be saved for people to draw on and in order not to be lost.

Read about myself in the About Me section and decide if my life experiences will be of any use to you.

I should only warn you that no fairy tales will be told on these pages. Every of my achievement described required hard work and persistence which you need to cultivate shall you decide to follow a similar path.