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How To Make Money Online

Published by admin on 30 Jun 2011

I often hear people who want to make money online say they have no idea where to start. In this article, which consists of two chapters, I will cover a few most popular ways to making money on the Internet which are affiliate marketing, auction selling and freelancing. Each of them allows you to quit your day job and earn enough money to live comfortably. Although, some methods might take longer time to master to produce results than others.

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The Success Principles - Jack Canfield

Published by admin on 25 Jun 2011

When it comes to books promising life changing experiences such as The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, I turn into the biggest skeptic of them all. I opened this book with a great deal of skepticism and got it only because a friend of mine whom I admire for his business successes recommended me to read it. Now, after reading the book, I think that if there could be only the single book written to help you achieve your life long goals and create the life of your dreams that will be the one! The principles described in the book are nothing short from the truth. I know that because I have discovered many of them on my own long before I read the book, you might find out that you know some of them too. But the big question is if you actually apply them. This book is created like a learner’s guide; not only it lists 64 useful principles but also contains instructions on how to incorporate them into your daily life.

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Subject And Object In Marketing

Published by admin on 20 Jun 2011

The learning of language Grammar normally starts with the understanding of its basic sentence structure. In order for sentence to exist it should have an object and a subject in it. The two simply make no sense without each other. In physics we learn that an object can’t exist without the matter which it is made of (the subject). Why would it be different in real life when we talk about sales you think? In fact, it wouldn’t. Each product available on sale today worth just as much as the value of its created meaning. (Find out what value is here).

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The Truth About Living In Paradise

Published by admin on 15 Jun 2011

My dream about living in paradise was shuttered when I moved to Australia, which I considered the ultimate country for a living, and discovered that it also has its flaws. However, my journey in search for a paradise place to live started much earlier than that. When you make money on the Internet you are free to choose where you office is, remember? At the age of 20, after getting my first degree, I went to travel Asia. I have been to Singapore, China, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand where I finally decided to settle. After all, scenery in Thailand looked exactly like it did on the pictures which we are conditioned to believe are the pictures of paradise. Read about my experience below.

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The Art of Time Management

Published by admin on 10 Jun 2011

Regardless of the talk about non-renewable resources that goes on everywhere these days, the only non-renewable resource people should worry today is their own time. There are still plenty of other things to go around and the shortage of time has always been there. In this post I will talk about how you can use your time more wisely that will make you more productive helping you to bring more value into your life.

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Why Sex Is Over-Rated

Published by admin on 05 Jun 2011

I put this post in the Marketing Section and not a Relationships one for a reason. Today I will tell you how one of the human instincts is used by marketing companies to impose value of many products on sale today. My attention to this subject was drawn by documentary series called ‘Why Sex Sells?’ which was exciting to watch. I then took a wider look on the world and got astonished by the size of the market which exploits this simple instinct to make people buy stuff which they wouldn’t be interested in otherwise. Not only that, but now media tells us what is sexy and what is not! I now could see that anything starting from clothes to sitcoms is influenced by it. Read further for examples that will give you an idea how this power can be used.

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