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What Type of Personality You Have

Published by admin on 29 Aug 2011

There is one more thing that can help you determine Your Passion which is knowing what type of person you are. A number of personality tests available online will let you do that with amazing certainty. I would recommend you to do Briggs Myers test like this one, which takes only a few minutes. Upon completion you will learn your personality type which comprises of several letters. For instance, I was determined as INTJ. Doing this test not only let you better understand who you are, but also can give you suggestions of occupations that will suit you.

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Learning a Foreign Language

Published by admin on 24 Aug 2011

This week I was asked by a young friend of mine how to learn English. Instead of giving him advice straight away, I asked him back how serious he is about learning a foreign language and, more importantly, what he is going to do with it. Learning a foreign language is one of those activities that require persistent effort over the course of several years. If you motivation is weak or your lack commitment than you will be wasting your time. There is no use taking 6 months language course if you are not sure if you are going to continue to learn it after that. If you are going to stick with it than here’s a few things you need to know about learning a new language.

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The Creation of Value

Published by admin on 19 Aug 2011

This article goes in continuation of a series of posts written about the Meaning of Value started earlier. In this world everything that is not created by nature is created by human, meaning things surrounding us were made as such to add value to our lives. The houses we live in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, all these things are the products of someone’s thoughts. People who created them saw the opportunity and acted upon it to deliver the things people require. You too can produce value and sell it for profit.

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How To Discover Your Passion

Published by admin on 14 Aug 2011

Every traveler at the beginning of his big journey that comes out of the desire to make something meaningful in life will eventually wonder what this actually might be. You too might find yourself at the crossroad thinking about which path to take. And that’s absolutely normal. Even more so, there is a number of roads that could take you to your desired destination of being rich, financially independent or whatever you dream is. Read further to find out how to discover what you want to help you achieve your goals.

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Why Things Don’t Make You Happy

Published by admin on 09 Aug 2011

This post continues the discussion on The Value started earlier. I encourage you to read the first post of the series in order to understand what will be talked about here. Today I’m going to tell you why merely having things you desired don’t bring you the amount of joy you thought they would before you bought them and why fulfilled dreams are nowhere near as fun as we imagined them to be.

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Getting Busy Preparing To Live

Published by admin on 04 Aug 2011

When you indulge yourself into a certain activity such as making money online and devote your life to the task it is easy to completely forget about other important things in life including the purpose why you initially decided to become self-employed itself. Weeks, months, years might pass this way before you realize that you are missing out on life experiences which were the very reason you wanted to become independent for to enjoy more of while, in fact, they had been lying in front of you all that time.

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