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Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization

Published by admin on 12 Nov 2011

In the article on getting traffic from Search Engines (SE) through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (this one) I mentioned a number of places that can provide you with authoritative back-links. They are directories, article sites and link-exchange places. Each of those methods might take plenty of your time to gain any noticeable results from. The reason for this is a high number submissions to directories, article sites and link-exchanges that you need to make (I am talking about 100s of each here) in order to receive any benefit. In this post I am going to explain how to use these traffic sources more effectively.

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People Who Understand You

Published by admin on 07 Nov 2011

When we choose people to be with we follow two simple principles sometimes even without consciously realizing it. We select people for two main reasons: the comfort and the challenge. Obviously, we get acquainted with most of the people around us because we feel comfortable with them. They are often like us, share similar interests, experiences and general views on life which is fine until you begin thinking about self-development. To improve yourself you need to be around people who are not like you.

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Making Quality Web Site

Published by admin on 02 Nov 2011

To continue the topic on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) started earlier, this time I would like to concentrate on the features that every quality web site should have. You’ve already read about the first part of every SEO project which is Choosing Keywords. The second part is the creation of the site itself. It’s one thing to aim a site at chosen keywords and completely different one to make it a quality one. I am going to tell the difference between the two here.

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