Reading self-help books was something that I avoided for a long time thinking they are for the people who have problems in their life and need guidance in order to put them on the right path. I was also a bit sceptical about the fact that a book can make any kind of impact on your life. And guess what? I couldn’t be more wrong in my assumptions toward the reason why such books actually exist.

Why I began reading self-help books?

I was always fascinated by lives of successful people such as entrepreneur Richard Brandson, industrialist Andrew Carnegie, imperialist Henry Ford and others. I was curious to find out what moves those people, what special qualities they possess that I can cultivate in myself and knowledge that I can draw upon do they have that I don’t. I had no clue where I could get this sort of information. I would closely watch occasional interview with Richard Brandson or read an old article about prominent figures of the past era or even read an autobiography of some of them. But none of those things answered the question of what is their ’secret’ because their focus on achieving entertaining not educational purpose.

Another thing that pushed me towards such books happened later in my life. Since I finished University at the age of 20 and started my own business I began learning from my experiences. This continued for years until I realized that I hit a wall in my development process and stopped moving forward. It was noticed in terms of income and my personal beliefs (later I would discover I got constrained by imaginary boundaries I set in my mind). At this point I began thinking of what should I do that would help me to get to the next level? By that time I had been already far ahead of anyone I know, my friends, relatives, even my father who has had a few of his own businesses. None of them could give me a sound advice that could help me in transition.

That is when my friend and mentor for my first business recommended me to read a book called ‘Think And Grow Rich’ written by Napoleon Hill. And it clicked from the first pages. This was exactly what I was looking for! It contained research of the lives of 500 wealthy individuals who was interviewed for one single purpose - to find out what their secret was and where they draw their inspiration from! This single book alone changed my perspective on the world and will change yours too. (The reviews of this and other self-help books I read will be posted in this category).

What makes president different from his electorate?

Let me quote The United States President Barack Obama on the importance of reading books to close this post:

“I was 15 when I started noticing changes in my views of the world; this got me wondering why something like that might happen. I went to the library to find a book that could explain that”.

Now, how many teenagers do you know that take a book to read about the process of growing-up or even question why they suddenly become frustrated by things they wasn’t before, argue with their parents and have pimples? None? This is why are only a handful of presidents in this world.