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All Marketers Are Liars - Seth Godin

Published by admin on 13 Oct 2011

To make money online as an affiliate you need to understand marketing principles, at least basic ones, as being affiliate involves selling stuff at the percentage of a sale. And even if you know successful affiliate marketers with no Degree in Marketing, this doesn’t mean they are clue less when it comes to marketing the products they sell.

If I were to recommend you one single book to read on marketing, just like I recommended you one book on becoming a better person (which was The Success Principles) than it would be All Marketers Are Liars Tell Stories by Seth Godin.

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The Success Principles - Jack Canfield

Published by admin on 25 Jun 2011

When it comes to books promising life changing experiences such as The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, I turn into the biggest skeptic of them all. I opened this book with a great deal of skepticism and got it only because a friend of mine whom I admire for his business successes recommended me to read it. Now, after reading the book, I think that if there could be only the single book written to help you achieve your life long goals and create the life of your dreams that will be the one! The principles described in the book are nothing short from the truth. I know that because I have discovered many of them on my own long before I read the book, you might find out that you know some of them too. But the big question is if you actually apply them. This book is created like a learner’s guide; not only it lists 64 useful principles but also contains instructions on how to incorporate them into your daily life.

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Best Self Help Books

Published by admin on 01 May 2011

Reading self-help books was something that I avoided for a long time thinking they are for the people who have problems in their life and need guidance in order to put them on the right path. I was also a bit sceptical about the fact that a book can make any kind of impact on your life. And guess what? I couldn’t be more wrong in my assumptions toward the reason why such books actually exist.

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