When you indulge yourself into a certain activity such as making money online and devote your life to the task it is easy to completely forget about other important things in life including the purpose why you initially decided to become self-employed itself. Weeks, months, years might pass this way before you realize that you are missing out on life experiences which were the very reason you wanted to become independent for to enjoy more of while, in fact, they had been lying in front of you all that time.

This is again something that struck me after I moved to Australia where I noticed that people’s attitudes toward life are totally different to those of people living in my home country. Since I was a child I remember watching my father working without weekends on his businesses and having a dream of immigrating to another country for decades. The immigration was the point for him at which he would start living. The definition of a family time was pretty much non-existent for me, the only chance I got to regularly speak with my dad was when he was doing his budget on evenings. In Western World people like him are called workaholics, but back at home everyone is like that. People are busy working to have better lives sometime later. And you should know that later doesn’t come.

In Australia, people live the life right now. It has a lot to do with how the country is run, but people’s mentality plays a huge role in it too. Here they also run their own businesses, build careers, but in the midst of all that they don’t forget to enjoy the current moment and share it with their family and friends. And this is what I encourage you to do.

Like I mentioned earlier in the Article On Love, certain things in life remain the same nor matter how much money you’ve got. Your love can only be as strong as it was in your teenage years. Your family can care about you only as much as they did when you were a child. Living in your own house can only be as fun as it was when your parents got one for the first time. The only difference there can be is how much time you are be able to spend doing those things. And it’s important to understand in order to be able enjoy your life the way it is right now.

So, if you catch yourself on the thought that you work hard now to reap the rewards later in life than think for a moment what these rewards actually mean to you. Perhaps, you already have access to the things you dream about. One blogger has said, “It is great to have a nice level of income and make money online, but if you get lonely in the process of achieving that than what’s the point of the effort?”. No one wants to end up with lots of money and no one around to share them with.