In my previous post I mentioned that the amount of sales you get depends on the traffic quality. I also said that the best quality traffic comes from search engines. However, getting your site ranked in search engines requires the most effort. Below I will list several other sources of traffic that are much easier to master: articles, directories and link exchanges. Besides, having links to your site from these mediums gives your site votes that in turn help you rank better in search engines which results in higher traffic.

Directory submission

A directory represents collection of links to various sites categorized by topic. There are general directories with a large number of categories as well as niche directories catering to certain niches (eg. environmental) where sub-niches act as conventional categories. Obviously, having your link listed in niche category gives you more benefit, as opposed to general directory, because it is viewed by search engines as more relevant.

Getting your site listed in a directory is fairly easy. Some directories offer a variety of listing options: paid link, preferred and standard ones. The cost of paid links normally starts at $5 one-time inclusion fee; preferred positions might require you placing a back-link to directory on your site; standard listings might take the longest time to be approved (up to 3-6 months). Base your choice on the quality of the directory and the amount of traffic you intend to receive from it.

Article submission

Article submission database works in the same way as a directory does, the only difference is it lists articles instead of links. You include links inside the articles - that’s how you get traffic with this method. THe method requires more effort than directory submission as you have to actually produce content (articles) or hire someone else to write for you. Some premium databases such as EZineArticles or GoArticles require unique content, but they also provide you with more traffic. Normally, articles from premium sites get re-posted at other sites, which mean you get additional exposure.


There are two types of link-exchanges. In the first, commonly seen scenario, webmasters trade links to gain additional votes for their site. Before trading links this way you have to be aware of the trust of the site with search engines.

However, when you decide to trade links in the second scenario, the rules become different. Here, you trade links with another website owner in order to exchange traffic. This type of trade is based on how much visitors sites can send to each other. In this case only the amount of traffic site receives matters.

These are the main sources of traffic you should look into in the first place. Not only is each of them capable of delivering visitors to your sitebut a link at each of them also is considered as a vote for your site by search engines.

Other sources of traffic you might want to explore are top lists, blogs, social media networks, such as forums and social networks, various web 2.0 properties, which include video sites and other public-sharing platforms…