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You And Your Boss Differs In This

Published by admin on 25 Nov 2012

For years I have been pondering the question of what makes employees different from the individuals they work for. I was committed to understanding what separates ordinary crowds from selective few who start companies, run businesses and in general bring changes to the world.

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Why Sex Is Over-Rated

Published by admin on 05 Jun 2011

I put this post in the Marketing Section and not a Relationships one for a reason. Today I will tell you how one of the human instincts is used by marketing companies to impose value of many products on sale today. My attention to this subject was drawn by documentary series called ‘Why Sex Sells?’ which was exciting to watch. I then took a wider look on the world and got astonished by the size of the market which exploits this simple instinct to make people buy stuff which they wouldn’t be interested in otherwise. Not only that, but now media tells us what is sexy and what is not! I now could see that anything starting from clothes to sitcoms is influenced by it. Read further for examples that will give you an idea how this power can be used.

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The Delivery of Value

Published by admin on 21 May 2011

If you haven’t realized the importance of value until this point then I recommend checking ‘What Is Value’ post to get a better understanding of the subject discussed today. Like it has been mentioned earlier any process of money acquisition consists of two important parts which are the value of the product you sell, the service or the experience you provide and the act of delivering of this value to the customer.

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