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Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization

Published by admin on 12 Nov 2011

In the article on getting traffic from Search Engines (SE) through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (this one) I mentioned a number of places that can provide you with authoritative back-links. They are directories, article sites and link-exchange places. Each of those methods might take plenty of your time to gain any noticeable results from. The reason for this is a high number submissions to directories, article sites and link-exchanges that you need to make (I am talking about 100s of each here) in order to receive any benefit. In this post I am going to explain how to use these traffic sources more effectively.

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Making Quality Web Site

Published by admin on 02 Nov 2011

To continue the topic on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) started earlier, this time I would like to concentrate on the features that every quality web site should have. You’ve already read about the first part of every SEO project which is Choosing Keywords. The second part is the creation of the site itself. It’s one thing to aim a site at chosen keywords and completely different one to make it a quality one. I am going to tell the difference between the two here.

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Choosing The Right Keywords

Published by admin on 28 Oct 2011

When you strip down Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique it inevitably boils down to two main parts: a site quality and a keyword range selection. I will tell you about making a quality site in the upcoming post, but today I want to talk about selection of the right keywords for your project as this continues the discussion on SEO started in the previous post.

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Search Engine Optimization

Published by admin on 23 Oct 2011

There is a lot of material written on technical side of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, just like everything else in life, SEO is not all black and white (and I’m not talking about SEO hats here). This means that no one can give you a guarantee that he can magically put your site to number 1 page of Google results. Read further to find out why it is not possible and learn the trick which will help you find the right keywords for your site.

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Sources of Traffic

Published by admin on 08 Oct 2011

This post continues on the discussion of traffic sources started earlier in this post which features three of the most common ways of driving traffic to a site. Today I will explain several other less popular systems of generating traffic that you can use. They are toplists, blogs and social media sites. Having a link to your site listed at any of these mediums also helps you gain trust with search engines which results in higher rankings and amounts of their traffic.

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How To Get Traffic

Published by admin on 23 Sep 2011

In my previous post I mentioned that the amount of sales you get depends on the traffic quality. I also said that the best quality traffic comes from search engines. However, getting your site ranked in search engines requires the most effort. Below I will list several other sources of traffic that are much easier to master: articles, directories and link exchanges. Besides, having links to your site from these mediums gives your site votes that in turn help you rank better in search engines which results in higher traffic.

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What Is Traffic Quality

Published by admin on 18 Sep 2011

In my post on Making Money Online I mention that you need two things to earn money an affiliate marketer which are product and traffic. In this article I am going to elaborate on traffic and its quality. Traffic is a flow of visitors that get to your website by following a link from another resource or typing in your website url directly into their browser. Each of them is a potential buyer. The quality of traffic is defined by how much each visitor is interested in your offering. It is measured by conversion ratio, a relationship between the number of visitors that come to your site and the amount of sales they generate. The quality generally depends on the source of the traffic, with Search Engines being considered to be the best one of them.

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Passive Income Explained

Published by admin on 13 Sep 2011

There are two ways of making money: actively and passively. With the first active way of making money you get paid as you work, which means you trade your own time in exchange for money. The whole employer - employee system where people get paid per hour is designed like that. The downside of the system for the employee is that you are inevitably hit a certain level of income for one simple reason - every one of us has a limited number of hours in a day. The opposite - passive income suggests that you keep making money even while you rest. This is the way of income I am going to talk in this article.

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Puff Diddy And Value Creation

Published by admin on 03 Sep 2011

American entrepreneur Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs illustrates the principle of successful usage of the concept of Adding Value described earlier like no one else. He created the momentum by making his name a brand and then endorsing his various business ventures with it. Under Sean Combs Enterprise umbrella you will find a record label, a clothing line, a fragrance, a couple of restaurants and so on. Once you have the value you can attach it to pretty much anything and people will buy into it just because it is associated with something familiar.

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The Creation of Value

Published by admin on 19 Aug 2011

This article goes in continuation of a series of posts written about the Meaning of Value started earlier. In this world everything that is not created by nature is created by human, meaning things surrounding us were made as such to add value to our lives. The houses we live in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, all these things are the products of someone’s thoughts. People who created them saw the opportunity and acted upon it to deliver the things people require. You too can produce value and sell it for profit.

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