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Why Things Don’t Make You Happy

Published by admin on 09 Aug 2011

This post continues the discussion on The Value started earlier. I encourage you to read the first post of the series in order to understand what will be talked about here. Today I’m going to tell you why merely having things you desired don’t bring you the amount of joy you thought they would before you bought them and why fulfilled dreams are nowhere near as fun as we imagined them to be.

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Suggest Product Rather Than Promote It

Published by admin on 10 Jul 2011

In the past 10 years I have been selling online principles of advertising have changed dramatically. These changed affected everyone who tries to make money online using one of the methods discussed earlier here. Nowadays, when people became accustomed to conventional advertising such as banners to the point that they ignore them, the new ways of delivering your selling point should be used.

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Make Money Online From Home

Published by admin on 05 Jul 2011

This post continues the discussion on How To Make Money Online started in the previous article which you can read here. Previously I told you about affiliate marketing and its variation, dropshipping, as means to make a living on the Internet. Today I will concentrate on the other two methods I mentioned which are auction selling and freelancing.

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How To Make Money Online

Published by admin on 30 Jun 2011

I often hear people who want to make money online say they have no idea where to start. In this article, which consists of two chapters, I will cover a few most popular ways to making money on the Internet which are affiliate marketing, auction selling and freelancing. Each of them allows you to quit your day job and earn enough money to live comfortably. Although, some methods might take longer time to master to produce results than others.

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Subject And Object In Marketing

Published by admin on 20 Jun 2011

The learning of language Grammar normally starts with the understanding of its basic sentence structure. In order for sentence to exist it should have an object and a subject in it. The two simply make no sense without each other. In physics we learn that an object can’t exist without the matter which it is made of (the subject). Why would it be different in real life when we talk about sales you think? In fact, it wouldn’t. Each product available on sale today worth just as much as the value of its created meaning. (Find out what value is here).

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What Is Value

Published by admin on 16 May 2011

This article continues the discussion of value and value creation which has begun in the post ‘Why Boss Makes More Money Than Employee’. I started researching the meaning of value after learning that the understanding of value was the key to success of Sean Combs’ (also known as P Diddy) widely ranged portfolio of businesses. The guy is not an actor, recording artist, fashion designer or even a salesman; he is a true definition of entrepreneur who mastered the art of adding value to his products. It is exactly what he teaches his children, including his son whom he bought a Maybach for present.

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