In the article on getting traffic from Search Engines (SE) through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (this one) I mentioned a number of places that can provide you with authoritative back-links. They are directories, article sites and link-exchange places. Each of those methods might take plenty of your time to gain any noticeable results from. The reason for this is a high number submissions to directories, article sites and link-exchanges that you need to make (I am talking about 100s of each here) in order to receive any benefit. In this post I am going to explain how to use these traffic sources more effectively.

At first, I should warn you about using automated services for submitting your sites. There is a huge temptation, especially at the beginning, to spend money on some kind of an automation software that promises to make 1000s of submissions in minutes. It sounds great in theory but absolutely worthless in reality. Automated programs make mistakes during submission process. And because the most of quality directories are checked manually, your submission is likely to be denied and email banned from further submits. Those sites whose owners don’t do manual checks usually end up as dumps. You don’t get much credit for a link to your site placed in the dump. Therefore, manual submission is the way to go.

Manual submission takes time

Just like any other manual labor submitting your sites to directories can become very time consuming when there are thousands of them. Outsourcing submission process is the way out in this case. Below I will tell you what to look at when outsourcing each of these submissions.

Directory submission

Obviously, look at the number of directories a package has to offer. A good guiding point will be 500 directory submissions for $25. Ask to see a list of directories your site is going to be submitted to to make sure they include quality ones. Also, research the service provider. Forums like feature plenty of offers with feedback from its members who used the service already. Those can be very helpful when you make a decision on the services.

Article submission

Similar to directory submission, here you need to look at the offer. A guiding point will be 75 article submissions for $15. It includes writing of original article ($5) which than gets spun and submitted to various article directories.

Each unique article generally contains two links to your site. Normally, one link is aimed to the index of your site and second one - to important post or page on it. This way you receive twice the amount of links from each listed article. For example, if your article gets listed at each of 75 sites you end up with 150 back-links. Check out feedback of delivery services also.


In link-exchanges the feedback of service provider is the most important factor. With link-exchanging when contacting owners of other websites regarding a link-trade between two sites service provider acts on your behalf as an agent. It is important that he doesn’t cross the line between spamming your site for link-exchange and offering a business deal for two parties.

As more developing countries gain access to the Internet, more opportunities for outsourcing routine tasks arise. These days you can hire someone in India to do such non-critical but time consuming tasks as directory and article submissions. To do this you need to familiarize yourself with the deal and the reputation of the service provider to make sure you receive the benefit and not the headache from using outside labour.

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