Why Things Don’t Make You Happy

Published by admin on 09 Aug 2011

This post continues the discussion on The Value started earlier. I encourage you to read the first post of the series in order to understand what will be talked about here. Today I’m going to tell you why merely having things you desired don’t bring you the amount of joy you thought they would before you bought them and why fulfilled dreams are nowhere near as fun as we imagined them to be.

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Getting Busy Preparing To Live

Published by admin on 04 Aug 2011

When you indulge yourself into a certain activity such as making money online and devote your life to the task it is easy to completely forget about other important things in life including the purpose why you initially decided to become self-employed itself. Weeks, months, years might pass this way before you realize that you are missing out on life experiences which were the very reason you wanted to become independent for to enjoy more of while, in fact, they had been lying in front of you all that time.

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Why People Resist Change

Published by admin on 30 Jul 2011

The main obstacle you will have to face when deciding to become self-employed is located within yourself. A switch from working for someone else to working for yourself requires not as much knowledge or commitment to take this huge step as burning desire to change as a person. Every business owner will tell you that the biggest challenge they had in their lifetime was the need for personal growth in order to manage the tasks at hand. This will require you to adjust your mindset, habits, routines and so on. And guess what? Many people are naturally resistant to change, even if they know that it is for the better.

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Sheep And Wolves Among People

Published by admin on 25 Jul 2011

The topic for this article was inspired by the educational program recently screened at local television. It compared people to sheep by observing the behavior of both in exactly the same situations. Needless to say, the two species exhibited nearly identical responses to the challenges thrown upon them. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise if you already know that various things follow similar patterns in life. Instead, it got me wondering who are the wolves in the human hierarchy. The answer is other human. Read further to know how to be in a wolf pack and not a sheep flock.

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How To Immigrate To Australia

Published by admin on 20 Jul 2011

There is a lot of confusion going on when people decide to immigrate to Australia. And it is clear why, the number of visas is enormous, even more so the number of options how to get them. It took me years to find out the right option for me, but it will take you minutes to read about it. Why you should do it? Because the rules are exactly the same for everyone despite the country you are coming from (Brits go through the same immigration process as Russians do). The most straight forward and time efficient way is to apply as Skilled Migrant.

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Why Planning Is Important

Published by admin on 15 Jul 2011

I was inspired to write this post after having a conversation with my friend who has no idea what she wants from her life. And she is not the only one of those I know who has no direction to follow. To me it was obvious that you have to know where you are heading, however, when I started catching up with my classmates whom I haven’t talked to for years I realized that most people simply go with the flow. This gets you nowhere as you have to make plans in order to get somewhere nice.

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Suggest Product Rather Than Promote It

Published by admin on 10 Jul 2011

In the past 10 years I have been selling online principles of advertising have changed dramatically. These changed affected everyone who tries to make money online using one of the methods discussed earlier here. Nowadays, when people became accustomed to conventional advertising such as banners to the point that they ignore them, the new ways of delivering your selling point should be used.

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Make Money Online From Home

Published by admin on 05 Jul 2011

This post continues the discussion on How To Make Money Online started in the previous article which you can read here. Previously I told you about affiliate marketing and its variation, dropshipping, as means to make a living on the Internet. Today I will concentrate on the other two methods I mentioned which are auction selling and freelancing.

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How To Make Money Online

Published by admin on 30 Jun 2011

I often hear people who want to make money online say they have no idea where to start. In this article, which consists of two chapters, I will cover a few most popular ways to making money on the Internet which are affiliate marketing, auction selling and freelancing. Each of them allows you to quit your day job and earn enough money to live comfortably. Although, some methods might take longer time to master to produce results than others.

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The Success Principles - Jack Canfield

Published by admin on 25 Jun 2011

When it comes to books promising life changing experiences such as The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, I turn into the biggest skeptic of them all. I opened this book with a great deal of skepticism and got it only because a friend of mine whom I admire for his business successes recommended me to read it. Now, after reading the book, I think that if there could be only the single book written to help you achieve your life long goals and create the life of your dreams that will be the one! The principles described in the book are nothing short from the truth. I know that because I have discovered many of them on my own long before I read the book, you might find out that you know some of them too. But the big question is if you actually apply them. This book is created like a learner’s guide; not only it lists 64 useful principles but also contains instructions on how to incorporate them into your daily life.

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