American entrepreneur Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs illustrates the principle of successful usage of the concept of Adding Value described earlier like no one else. He created the momentum by making his name a brand and then endorsing his various business ventures with it. Under Sean Combs Enterprise umbrella you will find a record label, a clothing line, a fragrance, a couple of restaurants and so on. Once you have the value you can attach it to pretty much anything and people will buy into it just because it is associated with something familiar.

The principle

P. Diddy started as an intern at Uptown Records company. He soon progressed into becoming a promoter of various music events as he grasped the concept of value. After leaving Uptown Records he started his own recording company. That’s when he got a few number one hits that skyrocketed his popularity. He was criticised for overusing other celebrities in his videos. But he knew that they were what make his work appealing to the audience.

Upon achieving a celebrity status Sean Combs realized that the opportunities it presents are endless. He launches men’s clothing line which becomes a hit. People who enjoy Diddy’s songs buy it simply because the clothes have his name on it (Sean John and Sean Combs). Don’t believe me? The clothing collection hasn’t been sold in anywhere but the US, because he isn’t as popular in the rest of the world as he is at home.

Another example of Sean Comb using brand Diddy as a way to add value to the product is his recent launch of ‘I Am King’ fragrance which he dedicates to president Barack Obama, superstar Muhammad Ali and activist for the rights of blacks Martin Luther King. It becomes success solely on the fact that the fragrance comes from P. Diddy himself.

I am sure you can think of other examples where celebrities create lines of clothing (Jennifer Lopez) or have their fragrances (Paris Hilton) to make money simply out of their names. And it works.

Here the principle of adding value works in the same way the advertising does. People are more likely to buy milk from the brand they saw featured in the ad than from unknown company.

The lesson

The main lesson to take out of this article is to remember that people often buy the value and rarely the product itself. The value can take a form of a celebrity name attached to the product or a beautiful model standing next to the product in the advertisement. Once you created the value like P.Diddy did it with this own name, it can be used to sell whatever you want.

And, the main thing is you don’t need to be a hip-hop star to take advantage of this principle. A personal blog with quality content that includes reviews and recommendations of products can do the trick. When you show visitors that you can be trusted on your opinion, they will follow up on your recommendations to purchase the product you offer.