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Why Divorce Rate Is 60%

Published by admin on 08 Sep 2011

This question puzzled me for more than a decade ever since I met my first long-term girlfriend in high-school. We started dating in the last year of studying, right before graduation. Later, when I was on my 3rd year of University, she started pushing me towards marriage. We were both 20-21 at that time which is the normal age to get married in Russia (for the 1st time, as I later found it out), especially for girls. I wasn’t ready for that. Firstly, I was cautious because I didn’t know why people divorce so often to avoid that making the same mistake. Secondly, I had my dream of moving to Australia, which seemed easier to do when you are single. And, lastly, the feelings have gone too. We broke up soon after.

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What Has Love Got To Do With It

Published by admin on 26 Apr 2011

Love is a wonderful thing. In fact, it describes the highest of worldly emotions a human can experience. This means that no matter how better you life might become nothing will beat the feeling you had for that special girl or boy in high school. And guess what? Nothing can compare to the joy we experience from falling in love or being loved. No amount of money can buy you that or entertainment will take you to the higher level. Absolutely, nothing.

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