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You And Your Boss Differs In This

Published by admin on 25 Nov 2012

For years I have been pondering the question of what makes employees different from the individuals they work for. I was committed to understanding what separates ordinary crowds from selective few who start companies, run businesses and in general bring changes to the world.

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People Who Understand You

Published by admin on 07 Nov 2011

When we choose people to be with we follow two simple principles sometimes even without consciously realizing it. We select people for two main reasons: the comfort and the challenge. Obviously, we get acquainted with most of the people around us because we feel comfortable with them. They are often like us, share similar interests, experiences and general views on life which is fine until you begin thinking about self-development. To improve yourself you need to be around people who are not like you.

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Optimism And Pessimism

Published by admin on 18 Oct 2011

Originating from the country (Russia) full of people with predominantly pessimistic views on life the first thing I noticed after moving to Australia is people’s optimistic mindset which dominates across The Western Culture. When I started studying psychology the first thing I wanted to understand was that difference in people’s views. I wanted to see how optimists differ from pessimists and why. What made me wondering in the first place was the fact that we all live in the same world, face exactly the same challenges on a daily basis, but somehow one community remains optimistic while other - pessimistic. Here started another of my adventures on the way to discovery of human psychic.

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The Art of Delegation

Published by admin on 03 Oct 2011

If you are like me who wants to be in control of everything that goes on inside of the business process than this post will be useful for you. I have been a control freak since the time I remember myself. This goes on for everything in my life, I love to have things in order and get uncomfortable when they aren’t. The same is for my business, I felt like need I had it should be under my control to run smoothly. It looks like a good thing until your business starts to expand and you suddenly realize that you simply don’t have enough time in the day to supervise every single detail of it. This is where the delegation comes in.

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Extroverts And Introverts

Published by admin on 28 Sep 2011

Ever since I became aware of different psychological personality types I started exploring the differences in people’s characters and trying to understand how they relate to each other. Learning that all people can be divided into two big groups, extroverts and introverts, before they get divided into smaller ones, helped a lot in the task. The first time I heard about extroversion and introversion back at school on the lesson on Psychology, but only recently it rang a bell on how useful it is to know who people around you and, more importantly, yourself are (I posted a link to the personality test which you can take to find out your type here).

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What Type of Personality You Have

Published by admin on 29 Aug 2011

There is one more thing that can help you determine Your Passion which is knowing what type of person you are. A number of personality tests available online will let you do that with amazing certainty. I would recommend you to do Briggs Myers test like this one, which takes only a few minutes. Upon completion you will learn your personality type which comprises of several letters. For instance, I was determined as INTJ. Doing this test not only let you better understand who you are, but also can give you suggestions of occupations that will suit you.

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Learning a Foreign Language

Published by admin on 24 Aug 2011

This week I was asked by a young friend of mine how to learn English. Instead of giving him advice straight away, I asked him back how serious he is about learning a foreign language and, more importantly, what he is going to do with it. Learning a foreign language is one of those activities that require persistent effort over the course of several years. If you motivation is weak or your lack commitment than you will be wasting your time. There is no use taking 6 months language course if you are not sure if you are going to continue to learn it after that. If you are going to stick with it than here’s a few things you need to know about learning a new language.

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How To Discover Your Passion

Published by admin on 14 Aug 2011

Every traveler at the beginning of his big journey that comes out of the desire to make something meaningful in life will eventually wonder what this actually might be. You too might find yourself at the crossroad thinking about which path to take. And that’s absolutely normal. Even more so, there is a number of roads that could take you to your desired destination of being rich, financially independent or whatever you dream is. Read further to find out how to discover what you want to help you achieve your goals.

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Getting Busy Preparing To Live

Published by admin on 04 Aug 2011

When you indulge yourself into a certain activity such as making money online and devote your life to the task it is easy to completely forget about other important things in life including the purpose why you initially decided to become self-employed itself. Weeks, months, years might pass this way before you realize that you are missing out on life experiences which were the very reason you wanted to become independent for to enjoy more of while, in fact, they had been lying in front of you all that time.

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Why People Resist Change

Published by admin on 30 Jul 2011

The main obstacle you will have to face when deciding to become self-employed is located within yourself. A switch from working for someone else to working for yourself requires not as much knowledge or commitment to take this huge step as burning desire to change as a person. Every business owner will tell you that the biggest challenge they had in their lifetime was the need for personal growth in order to manage the tasks at hand. This will require you to adjust your mindset, habits, routines and so on. And guess what? Many people are naturally resistant to change, even if they know that it is for the better.

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