This post continues on the discussion of traffic sources started earlier in this post which features three of the most common ways of driving traffic to a site. Today I will explain several other less popular systems of generating traffic that you can use. They are toplists, blogs and social media sites. Having a link to your site listed at any of these mediums also helps you gain trust with search engines which results in higher rankings and amounts of their traffic.


Long before two other methods of delivering content to the viewer, which are going to be discussed below, appeared (blogs and social networks) there had been toplists. Top list is exactly what the name suggests - a list of sites in general or specific niche categorized by rank. The rank depends on how popular each site in the list is. To rank in a toplist you have to register and add a customized link given to you after registration in a prominent place on your website where most visitors will notice it. Your site ranking will depend on how many clicks you can send to the list. The more votes you send, the more you will receive. The amount of traffic received generally many times more than the amount of traffic sent, because each toplist viewer clicks multiple listings. Therefore, toplist is a good way of getting traffic even if for brand-new web site that can send only a handful of visitors to the toplist.


You can get traffic from other blogs by trading with or purchasing a link on them. However, this option is mainly used for gaining link juice that helps to increase your search engine rankings. To gain traffic, your link needs to be put into a more visible spot than a side-bar such as a post. Talk to blog owners in your niche who write about similar topics as you do about exchanging blog posts. This way you write a post with your links in it and send it to the other blog owner who publishes it on his blog and in exchange you to do the same for him. If you can’t find a blog that is equal to yours in popularity or you just are starting out, you might offer other blog owner to write for them in exchange for an in-post link which you include into your article.

Social Media

Unlike many other sources of traffic promoting your site in social media started to gain attention just recently as webmasters and businesses realized the power of such phenomenon. There is no straight forward method of marketing your website through social networks. Your choice will depend on the type of the website you have (facebook for entertainment, linkedin for professional), the content (youtube for video) or your personality (use twitter if you are a celebrity).

As you can see there is a number of ways to advertise your site. Not only each traffic source can send you visitors, but also provide you with additional link-backs that increase your site’s value for search engines. And this is what you should aim for.