In the past 10 years I have been selling online principles of advertising have changed dramatically. These changed affected everyone who tries to make money online using one of the methods discussed earlier here. Nowadays, when people became accustomed to conventional advertising such as banners to the point that they ignore them, the new ways of delivering your selling point should be used.

Long gone are the times when you put a banner on your site and enjoy a healthy 2-5% CTR (Click-Through-Rate meaning 2-3 out of 100 visitors to your site click the banner and go to your sponsor). Today people have become blind to the banners, they simply don’t notice them, no matter how exciting and flashy you make them. There are even special browser programs which remove banners from the page automatically the moment you load it. There is also not nearly as many new people going online anymore like there used to be before. Now almost everyone living in the developed country has access to the Internet. This fact results in regular visitors who become familiar with online advertisements. And guess what? People don’t like being sold; even more so, they get annoyed to the point that they can leave your site if you push them toward the product too much. How do you go about this?

Don’t sell the product - recommend it

To be a successful online marketer these days you have to be able to convince people to buy in the same way you do in the real world. The only difference is people are much more judgmental online than they are in real life. To get more information about the product, which they are interested in, in real world they have to go to another shop across the street if they don’t like a salesman; to do this online - they just have to click another link. How do you make interesting content?

Tell them what they need to know

As surprising at it may sound, you have to actually love the product you sell yourself, or, at least, pretend really well that you do. To do this, research the product and write a detailed review about it, mention its features. Better yet, include your own experience with the product, how it benefited your life and so on. Talk to your customer like you would talk to your close friend by giving them as much information as needed to sell products online while telling only the truth. This is important because you also need to get them to trust you; you wouldn’t lie to your friend, anyway. And if you catch yourself on the thought that the product is not good enough when you tell the truth about it, than, perhaps, you shouldn’t be selling this product in the first place.

If you take on this advice and follow up on it when selling a product, your customers won’t even suspect that they are being sold to. In this case the border between suggestion and promotion is so thin that it becomes unnoticeable. This is the result you should aim for when selling online.

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