If you are like me who wants to be in control of everything that goes on inside of the business process than this post will be useful for you. I have been a control freak since the time I remember myself. This goes on for everything in my life, I love to have things in order and get uncomfortable when they aren’t. The same is for my business, I felt like need I had it should be under my control to run smoothly. It looks like a good thing until your business starts to expand and you suddenly realize that you simply don’t have enough time in the day to supervise every single detail of it. This is where the delegation comes in.

In simple terms, to delegate means to be able to relay some of your responsibilities to other person or a group of people. It can be business tasks as well as routine day-to-day activities.

The delegation suggests that you should trust someone with the job that you would otherwise be doing yourself. The difficult part is to find the right person who could take care of your business operations as you do. However, when you break operations down to single tasks and then try to find people who can do these task separately, you will be surprised to learn how many people out there are happy to perform them. Not only they are trustworthy but also, because each of them concentrates on one particular activity, they can often provide better results than you normally do.

Control and worry

Also when you delegate responsibility you inevitably lose control of it, which was the scariest part for me until I looked at the bright side. With the control usually comes the worry. So, when you give away the control to someone else they also take out the worry of performing the task to the standard with it.

Why delegate?

Being caught up in daily operations robs you off important time that you could otherwise spend on growing your business. Think about it, when you are busy working on task you concentrate on this task alone instead of looking at the bigger picture, thinking of ways to expand your business, writing business plans and so on.

What to delegate?

Delegate responsibilities which are time-consuming and the ones you hate most. For instance, being a non-English speaker I hated writing content for a network of my blogs. I remember even 500 article might take me half-a-day to write and edit it. I found a native English-speaker who could write for me. Not only each delegated article costs me less to write, but they also come out faster and with proper English-grammar, meaning better quality than mine.

No big business has been built without the help of army of employees. But, you don’t need to run a corporation to take advantage of delegation. You might even find yourself already delegating certain parts of your life to others. For example, do your children help you around the house? This is the delegation. You just need to step up a bit and do the same with your business.