This article goes in continuation of a series of posts written about the Meaning of Value started earlier. In this world everything that is not created by nature is created by human, meaning things surrounding us were made as such to add value to our lives. The houses we live in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, all these things are the products of someone’s thoughts. People who created them saw the opportunity and acted upon it to deliver the things people require. You too can produce value and sell it for profit.

How value is created

Let me give you an example of this based on the process of building a house. The buyer comes up with an idea of having a place for his expanding family. He then contacts a building company to build him a house. The builder places an order with an architect, if it is a unique project. The architect draws a plan of a new home. The builder also obtains materials needed to build a house, which are needed to be developed by an engineer to meet certain specifications. At the end of the process the buyer settles in his new home that was merely a thought of having his own home just a few months ago.

Here at every step of the process the value is being created. The activity is meaningless and should be eliminated if it doesn’t add up value to the result. That’s why playing video games or watching TV is time waste unless you make it productive (I talk about it in Time Management). To make sure it does you should look at the things you do from the perspective of value creation when you expect to get something out of doing them.

How to apply this knowledge

Whenever you set on a journey to making money online or do something else, you need to be certain that you bring value to the end-user with what you do. Even if you do affiliate marketing and sell products manufactured by the merchant you still have to provide value to the visitors who come to your site. A good example of this could be a review site, where you review products of different competitors to compare them against each other. This way you create value by presenting your own opinion to the public. Not only this makes your web site useful, but also increases its quality for search engines.

In fact, nowadays search engines have become so clever that they are able to determine whether a site creates any value or not. Doorway pages that worked well years ago now get instantly picked up as wasteful rather than valuable content that brings value to the searchers. People who developed their sites to make money online with the concept of value creation in mind have stayed on top while others who used unethical methods suffered.

So, lets not forget the core principle of the marketing which is the necessity to create value for the customer.

Please, post questions if you don’t understand some of the information written above and I will gladly explain it in more detail…