When it comes to books promising life changing experiences such as The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, I turn into the biggest skeptic of them all. I opened this book with a great deal of skepticism and got it only because a friend of mine whom I admire for his business successes recommended me to read it. Now, after reading the book, I think that if there could be only the single book written to help you achieve your life long goals and create the life of your dreams that will be the one! The principles described in the book are nothing short from the truth. I know that because I have discovered many of them on my own long before I read the book, you might find out that you know some of them too. But the big question is if you actually apply them. This book is created like a learner’s guide; not only it lists 64 useful principles but also contains instructions on how to incorporate them into your daily life.

The Content

The book starts with the short autobiography of Jack Canfield. He is the guy who started working as a lifeguard in community swimming-pool and now a world-renowned speaker on success commanding $25000 per speech and netting millions in yearly earnings. This is the kind of people who fascinate me the most. It is hard enough to dream big when you are at the bottom of economical chain but it takes an immense amount of effort to start on your journey to success. I known it firsthand.

Later Jack than gives you instructions on how to use The Success Principles book. As I mentioned it earlier, this book has been created in the form of a guide for learning and not just an informational source. You are advised to read it once and then consult for the rest of your life until you master all of The Success Principles described in it. He gives clear explanation each principle in easy to understand words no matter what your level of literacy is. There is often an inspiring story inside the chapter that shows particular a principle in action along with plenty of quotes coming from professional athletes, artists, movie stars, inventors, writers, politicians and leaders we all can relate to.

My Notes

I normally put some notes for myself at the end of the book which I would like to explore in more detail later after reading. Those are the notes for The Success Principles

Principle 6
Make a poster “What is the opportunity that this is”.

Principle 15
Read the book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”.
The more fear your experience - the more productive will be the action taken.

Different emotions: negative emotion (neutral), positive, courage, self-confidence, calm, joy.
Check the book by Robert Allen on real-estate.

Principle 21
Keep the score of success, eg. count the times when you went to sleep early.

Principle 26
List three of your successes for each part of your life, eg. write down successes from the birth to 9 years old, from 10 to 18 yo and from 19 to 27 if you are 27 years of age now. Plus add 100 more successes to that list and keep a success journal.
Do a mirror exercise.
Travel to see Michelangelo painting on the ceiling in Sistine Chapel.

Principle 32
To combat ANTs say negative thoughts aloud.
Try to see positive things in every situation.
Write things down to experience change in perception.
What is fear? What do you want me to do?

Principle 37
Do a research on Holosync audio tapes.

Principle 41
List all things to do. Find out which are the most important ones and give them a priority rank.

Principle 47
Learn to meditate.

Principle 52
Do not make assumptions.

Principle 53
Learn to Appreciate people.

Principle 54
Learn to keep agreements.

Principle 55
Read The Class Acts Model by Dan Sullivan.

Principle 56
Consult financial planner.
Read financial books.
Develop money consciousness.

Principle 58
Invest in mutual funds and bonds.
S&P500 stocks yield 10.5% a year on average.

Principle 59
Bi-weekly mortgage repayments can save you money.

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