Love is a wonderful thing. In fact, it describes the highest of worldly emotions a human can experience. This means that no matter how better you life might become nothing will beat the feeling you had for that special girl or boy in high school. And guess what? Nothing can compare to the joy we experience from falling in love or being loved. No amount of money can buy you that or entertainment will take you to the higher level. Absolutely, nothing.

So, why more and more people (I am now referring to western counties here) start to avoid being in love altogether? This question made me wondering after I moved to Australia a few years ago and started observing relationships between local men and women, which are indeed, different to what I used to experiencing in my country of origin (Russia). You see, back at home (and it remains true for any non-western country) we are conditioned that we need to find a mate to spend the rest of the life with from the early age.

This means that girls and guys constantly seek for someone to fall in love with and eventually marry to. However, this is not the case for western countries where modified lifestyle affects the core of the relationships between people. Here no one is looking for a strong connection anymore.

This was confirmed by an interesting observation which I haven’t noticed initially - here (referring to Australia again) both sexes might go to a public venue, a bar or a club, just to find a person to sleep with. Now that was a shocker! Surely, I knew many guys dream of having as many girls as possible thus they go picking up girls just to sleep with, but girls having the same mindset were something I refused to believe at first. So, I started looking for explanations to that kind of behaviour.

I found it some time later in the form of changing beliefs ‘a new society’ possesses. The explanation lies in the meaning of one word - independence. Freedom of choice. Because now everyone wants to be independent both girls and guys simply cut the possibility of having deep connection with each other (mind you there are exceptions and this is a general observation only).

It all seems reasonable and logical, but actually not all things in life are! On the contrary, most - aren’t. With increased pace of life, people increased the number of relationships they have and made them ‘efficient’ too. But didn’t they leave something important out in the process? Something starting with a big letter ‘L’?

Let me iterate here, love is the single thing which can make your life better and make you much happier on its own. Just take a look at several facts:

- people who are in love don’t get sick, a proven fact
- people who love work better, their motivation is higher, creativity surges (just remember all the famous painters and writers who made their masterpieces while being drunken by love)
- people who are loved feel themselves much more significant (being loved by someone who is not your relative is something everyone should experience)
and many other things.

I often wish people find love on the greeting card because, once you get it, all the other things suddenly seem less significant. More importantly, you can obtain them much easier through improved thought process these new emotions bring when you are in an elevated mood.

So, people love and be loved! No matter of where you are from, what your social status or country of residence is, we should not forget about one simple thing described with just four letters that completely changed your perspective on the world around.

Please share your opinion below as I am very interested to see how relationships are viewed by people in different cultures…