There is one more thing that can help you determine Your Passion which is knowing what type of person you are. A number of personality tests available online will let you do that with amazing certainty. I would recommend you to do Briggs Myers test like this one, which takes only a few minutes. Upon completion you will learn your personality type which comprises of several letters. For instance, I was determined as INTJ. Doing this test not only let you better understand who you are, but also can give you suggestions of occupations that will suit you.

I had done Briggs’ personality test before whilst doing a project management subject in the University. The test helped to determine what types of personalities were in the project group, what members’ strengths and weaknesses were, and how we could relate to each other. It shown us who would be a main contributor to the project and who needed to be specifically asked for their opinion on a particular subject. It was useful experience but only recently I realized how powerful it might be.

Once you learned what type of personality you have I encourage you to find your psychological type profile and read the description of your character. I was astounded how accurate mine was. And you will be too!

To me, the test explained why I behave in certain ways and make certain decisions. For instance, I graduated with title of System Analyst after doing my Masters Course. And in the description of my personality type I discovered that my core genius is to analyze problems and come up with creative solutions to them. This means I instinctively have chosen the field of study without even realizing that this was meant to be that way. I simply followed what felt right at that moment.

However, the most important thing to take out of this experience is that you will be able to socialize with people like you when you know who you are. I already took advantage of this and got a few of my concerns that bothered me for years clarified by INTJ’s community members. Turns out we’re quite unique bunch of individuals that rarely look for answers outside their own heads. It’s an unusual feeling to be able talk to someone who understands you completely, something that I don’t remember ever experiencing.

Even more so, this type of personality test will help you see if to make money online is the ideal venture worth pursuing for you. But don’t let it discourage you if it isn’t because everything can be changed, including the state of mind, if you have passion and prepare to work on accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.

Feel free to post what type of personality you are according to Briggs’ test in the comments section below as I am sure it will be interested for everyone to see what type of people get attracted to the whole making money online idea…