This question puzzled me for more than a decade ever since I met my first long-term girlfriend in high-school. We started dating in the last year of studying, right before graduation. Later, when I was on my 3rd year of University, she started pushing me towards marriage. We were both 20-21 at that time which is the normal age to get married in Russia (for the 1st time, as I later found it out), especially for girls. I wasn’t ready for that. Firstly, I was cautious because I didn’t know why people divorce so often to avoid that making the same mistake. Secondly, I had my dream of moving to Australia, which seemed easier to do when you are single. And, lastly, the feelings have gone too. We broke up soon after.

I’m 27 now and have plenty of divorced female friends of my age I studied with who confirm the statistic, which wouldn’t be so upsetting if not for the fact that some of them got kids from their 1st marriages. Sure, mom can make a mistake by marrying the wrong person, but kids who will be growing without their father are the victims there who had no choice unlike their parents did. So, what you should know to avoid getting into the same trap these parents did?

Don’t get married young

You might have heard this advice from your parents or friends before but hadn’t seen the reasoning behind it, thus didn’t follow it. And the reason is simple - while bones stop growing in 21 year olds the personality continues developing right until we reach 25 years of age. This means that if you get married early in the 20s because you felt like you found your soul mate and stay in realtionships until you are at least 25 you will realize that you have chosen the wrong person. It happens because both you and your partner’s personalities have changed.

There is absolutely nothing you can do about it, except not getting married until you reach maturity. By following this advice not only you save yourself troubles of getting divorce early in life, but also save your unborn children from growing up without one parent. This fact alone should make young people approach the decision of getting married much more carefully, except it doesn’t.

Why people don’t listen

The first problem with the young generation is that they don’t listen to the old one. I was like that myself. However, the sooner you realize that the advice they share still holds true the less mistakes you will make.

The second problem is the fact that people get caught up into the emotional part of the relationships. Whilst this is important, the marriage is a partnership between two people who sign a contract which is created to bind both parties to each other for the rest of their lives. Now, would you base your decision to get into a business partnership which you should tolerate for the rest of your days solely on your feelings? Of course, not. Why would you agree to marry someone just because they make you feel good?

Please share your thoughts and opinions on this topic in the comments section. The article is based on my observations and research only which can be totally different to yours.