I was inspired to write this post after having a conversation with my friend who has no idea what she wants from her life. And she is not the only one of those I know who has no direction to follow. To me it was obvious that you have to know where you are heading, however, when I started catching up with my classmates whom I haven’t talked to for years I realized that most people simply go with the flow. This gets you nowhere as you have to make plans in order to get somewhere nice.

When you don’t know which way to go than any way is the right one.

I heard this quote from my lecturer, a 60 year-old retired Business Analyst with a number of Degrees and 40 years of experience working for International Corporations, while doing my Master Course. This seems like a sound observation except for the fact that he said it with a smile on his face, which suggests that having no direction in life is something to be avoided. Yes, you might take the wrong path but you might as well take the right one. And that’s what I want to talk about.

Having nowhere to go simply means you end up being wondering in all directions, in circle, while accomplishing nothing. In this case, your efforts will simply be wasted. You might feel like you are putting time and effort in what you do, but if it doesn’t correspond with your initial plan and take you closer to your destination than it becomes meaningless. I often see people follow their friends and enroll into different courses, my sister was training to become a body-builder for a year, learned Chinese language for half-a-year and ended up with a Degree in marketing. By no means, try to find your call, but don’t waste too much time pursuing things succeeding in which is not part of your plan.

The authors of different self-help books such as The Success Principles devote many chapters to tell you about the importance of having a purpose in life. They write about visualization of your destination and that’s not some magic stuff again. When you know where you are going (eg. when I was 17 I was going to move to Australia) you can make plans (eg. I planned to learn English language). And when you make plans you can set activities around them which will help you achieve your destination point (eg. I entered the Faculty of Foreign Languages).

The most fascinating thing in this process is that you don’t have to know exactly how you are going to get what you want. The road will unfold in front of you. As you go along it you will meet certain people who will help you directly or refer to others that could assist you on your journey. None of the successful people could predict the exact steps they would take to get where they are. Neither will you.

That’s why it is important to know your destination. Once you decided upon that, start planning on how to get there and making goals to keep track of your progress.