I put this post in the Marketing Section and not a Relationships one for a reason. Today I will tell you how one of the human instincts is used by marketing companies to impose value of many products on sale today. My attention to this subject was drawn by documentary series called ‘Why Sex Sells?’ which was exciting to watch. I then took a wider look on the world and got astonished by the size of the market which exploits this simple instinct to make people buy stuff which they wouldn’t be interested in otherwise. Not only that, but now media tells us what is sexy and what is not! I now could see that anything starting from clothes to sitcoms is influenced by it. Read further for examples that will give you an idea how this power can be used.

Angelina Jolie is NOT sexy

I will start by ruining your fantasy about sexuality of Hollywood actresses. Remember I come from Russia where we have plenty of beautiful girls and sex is in abundance. Now let me give you an unbiased opinion on American stars. They are not that pleasant looking as you are made to believe they are! Want proof? Go on a trip to any European country, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia and have your beliefs smashed into tiny pieces. I could not understand why the Western World worships celebrities until I moved to Australia where I immediately noticed shortage of pleasant looking girls.

Nobody knows what a beauty means anymore

Why this thing happens? Because in the Western World media tells you what you should look like to be considered attractive. I see plenty of television series featuring average-looking woman worshipped by younger men, magazines showing skinny models wearing branded outfits that cost many times more than their production cost. Without giving a second thought an average person watching this starts to believe that this is the truth. Now if a girl wants to look as appealing as her beloved actress she thinks that she needs to wear the same hair-dos, fashionable clothes and guys need to wear make-up just like their favourite actors from the screen and magazine pages do. People are simply buying into the value created by the media On Purpose! (Read about what value is here).

This thing works because tightly linked to resellers’ media production companies that release such promotional material use the desire for sex and turn it into a product itself.

A fascinating stuff when you look at it this way, isn’t it?

The reason why I take you to such depths is because you need to understand how the process between seller and buyer works. In order to make money on your own you have to be familiar with its structure.

Feel free to share your own observations on how marketers use human behaviour to increase value of their products / services. The are many more examples as such that aim at using human desire and curiosity to raise interest and eventually make people buy the product. To see them you simply need to be aware of your surroundings…