For years I have been pondering the question of what makes employees different from the individuals they work for. I was committed to understanding what separates ordinary crowds from selective few who start companies, run businesses and in general bring changes to the world.

Reading biographies and researching lives of prominent people I found out that you don’t have to possess any special talent or force in order to achieve their results. But the question of what makes them different from other people remained unanswered. Until today.

The difference between employees and employers is in the level of consciousness they have. Here’s why -

You might think that you live your life consciously. However, this is far from the truth as most of the time people are slaves to their thoughts.

Need proof? Try to sit still without thinking. And I don’t even ask you to go into full meditative state. Concentrate on your breath and see how many counts you can last without some random thought crossing your mind.

Now, here is the trick. In the time when you are controlled by your thoughts - you are unconscious to a certain degree. Yes, there are plenty of semi-unconscious people driving on the roads every day.

Your being unconscious is the reason you purchased your Apple product. Surely, you are smart enough to notice better alternatives on the market, and yet you bought into the bullshit told you by conscious marketers.

A person getting into a fight in a bar is unconscious, or why would a healthy individual risk getting himself injured? A person commiting a crime is unconscious too as a sane person would not risk of getting arrested.

On the other hand, a marketer needs to be alert to grasp the broad picture of the market in order to make a sound decision. The director has to have a total understanding of his company’s capabilities to choose the right development strategy.

Now, here’s the revelation. People who rule the world are all conscious. Instead of allowing their thoughts to control them they control their thoughts by being aware of them. It is much more difficult as it requires concentration, discipline and patience to master this control. Hence the reason why top business people, CEOs, directors, marketers list daily meditation sessions as part of their routine. The want to train themselves to come out of the unconscious and into conscious to take advantage of their thinking minds.

By this point, you should realize why there are more employees than employers. It is simply much easier to live the whole life semi-consciously. Yes, you make a decision which company to work for, what career to pursue and so on. And yet, you are completely oblivious to the process developed by top individuals in the company that makes to pay you, aren’t you?

Become aware of your thoughts in order to be able to harness their power. The unconscious state comes by default - being conscious requires an effort. It is comfortable to stay unconscious, but then don’t envy 1% of conscious people who have the most fun in this world.